Virtual Advertising – NextGen Digital Technology for Brands to Reach Audience

In order to successfully reach a target audience, brands have to constantly be updated on the latest marketing trends that are both engaging and effective. One of the latest technological advancements used in reaching audiences is virtual advertising. This marketing strategy is used by some of the world’s biggest brands and so far, it is resonating with audiences.

Virtual advertising makes use of digitally-rendered graphics that are embedded into a live feed that makes it appear to television viewers like it is part of the space. Since the image is digitally imposed, it is only visible to the viewers and not to people who are actually there.

How is Virtual Advertising Used to Target Audiences?

Virtual advertising is currently heavily used in live broadcasts of sporting events. For instance, the sign or logo could be superimposed on a free space on the field, over the top of existing ground signage, or as an overlay on a notable location on the pitch, field, arena, or court. It enables seamless insertion of logos, signs, and other visual messages and it is shown on live TV or live broadcast feeds, particularly during a huge sporting event like a football match, a basketball game, or a tennis championship.

Television is still undoubtedly a powerful mass-market medium. The technology behind virtual advertising allows brands to place their digital content on the field of play and it won’t be affected by either the camera’s motion or the players’ movement. The technology also has multi-branding capabilities. This means that the advertiser can customize its content through different streams to different markets. For example, different virtual ads may appear on the same football broadcast as it airs on a different geographical location.

Why Virtual Advertising?

Big brands are opting for virtual advertising because it allows relevant, real-time insertion of their advertisements to a specific audience. It allows multi-region branding, giving a global sponsor a chance to add a regional message. Since the sign, message, or logo could recur during the course of the game, the target audience will most likely retain the information or message that the brand is trying to convey. Virtual advertising enables brands to get their message across to a wider audience in an impactful and more appropriate way.

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