Is Social Media A Hidden Opportunity For Brand Marketers?

YES, Social Media is a hidden opportunity for Brand Advertisers to target their prospective customer based on interests, behavior, Geographic’s, Demographics, etc., with access to various Statistics and Trends of your campaign that helps to optimize your campaign more efficiency and relevantly and add value to targeted advertising.

21st-century marketers prefer online advertising because of the features like the budget friendly and quick reach media to their targeted audience. We had a gross increase in mobile internet usage, where a majority of internet users was spending time on social media platforms. Online advertisers took this advantage and turned this platforms as an advertising platform that provided them targeting based on consumer demographics and usage patterns.

As a Provider of a service/product Advertisers need to target their segmented Audience, but every time advertisers find difficult in targeting only a particular segment, targeted advertising is every marketer’s dream. As the internet encompasses an incredible realm of information, it allows brands to filter through an abundance of internet users by finding different elements based on their online behavior. This enables advertisers to be more specific in finding and engaging with relevant Audience. And by this advertiser achieves his dream of targeted marketing, this targeted marketing/advertising not only results in high relevant clicks and favorable conversions but also drastically increases sales for converted clicks.

Advertisers on Social Media can get the options to target their audience by location, demographics, interests, behaviours, etc. It’s also allows remarketing to target advertisers existing customers.

Twitter helps Advertisers to choose from a wide variety of categories and also allow brands to select profiles of people and brands that they can target to market their products/services.

LinkedIn Also allows Advertisers to choose a variety of categories like selecting profiles of decision maker of a brand (CEO, MD, Marketing Manager, etc.), selecting targeted companies/brands, etc.

Social Media Advertising Platforms make targeting more relevant/focus and delivers value when it comes to results. It gives demographic level targeting, interest and behaviour level targeting, mobile level targeting; the effectiveness of the ads served by marketers and the reach of the ad to the interested customers is higher. It also allows the ad networks to keep track of a large amount of data about a user’s online behaviour to targeted ads specifically using buyer’s persona.

To conclude, the realm of the internet seems huge and innumerable, Social Media Marketing/Advertising and new ways of targeting is a simple and cost-effective way to not only increase sales of the company and connect with companies end consumers, but also build strong customer loyalty, at a time when competition is savage and customers are impulsive.

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