Is Digital Media That Much Effective That We Are Thinking

Before Talking about the Effectiveness of the Digital and Traditional MARKETING.

Have you heard of Inbound and Outbound MARKETING maybe you have heard it may time and probably you might know what it is all about? But I am just trying to show you a different perspective of perceiving Inbound Marketing.

Let’s talk about what is inbound marketing and Outbound Marketing in few words.

Digital Marketing Deals with Inbound Marketing and Traditional Marketing Deals with Outbound Marketing.


Inbound Marketing? Just to say it in 3 words – Attract, Engage and convert. It’s like a Pull Strategy.

Outbound Marketing? Just reach out to the maximum that you can. It’s like Push Strategy.

Why try to Sell your Product/Service with traditional “outbound Marketing” when consumers aren’t even paying attention?

Do you know?

More than 1000 million people have registered their phones numbers on the “Do not disturb” or “Do not call” list.

45% of direct mail never gets opened. 85% of people fast forward through commercials. 84% of 25­–35 year old are likely to click off a website with excessive advertising. 91% of the email users have unsubscribed from a company email that they previously opted to because of excess Mails.

The Simple Reason for this statistics is changing in Consumer Behavior; People are looking only what they need, they are clear about their needs. They don’t care about the crab showing on Digital or other channels which they don’t need. Since there is no way to interact with customers because outbound MARKETING is a one-way COMMUNICATION channel, so companies getting no added value by using this outbound marketing.

So, Outbound techniques like Cold Calling, TV Commercials (Advertisements), Direct Mails, Radio will provide little to no added value for Marketer.

On the other side, An Inbound Marketing deals with providing valuable content which educates and engages the customers and makes easier for prospects to find.

Do you know?

Inbound MARKETING costs 62% less per lead than traditional outbound MARKETING. Thus, Improves companies ROI drastically. 61% of MARKETERS INVESTED more on Digital marketing (Inbound Marketing). The Average budget spent on Search Marketing, Social media and Blogs has nearly doubled in last 2 years and will be doubled in coming years. 83% of marketers who says Social media and Search Marketing is critical/ important to their business. 67% of B 2 C Companies and 41% of B 2 B Companies have acquired a customer through Social Media. Since the content is engaging and also inbound marketing is two-way COMMUNICATION, customers who are really interested in companies product/Services will find you and approach you and now you can easily pitch them your advantages, so provides more value to the marketer.

So, Inbound techniques like Content Marketing (Blogs and Infographics etc.) Search Engine Marketing (SEO, PPC etc.), Social Media Marketing provides more value for a marketer.

Differences between INBOUND and OUTBOUND MARKETING

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Potentially Higher ROI Has specific Target Audience and Attracts those genuine interested in Product or Services Shouts sales messages at customers by disturbing or interrupting customers. Inbound Marketing – Digital Marketing

MARKETER seeks to entertain and educate customers since it is a two-way COMMUNICATION channel.

Outbound Marketing

Potentially lower ROI No Specific Target Audience, Targets General Public. Provides Valuable and Shareable content to the Interested and Prospective customer Tradition Outbound Marketing Marketer rarely seeks to entertain or Educate, since it is a one-way communication channel. Inbound Marketing techniques allows companies to reach their target audience, nurture leads, Increase Sales, Enhances Brand Awareness, Establish Credibility, get found by potential customers Via Search Engines, connect and engage with prospects and Finally converts Visitors/perspective to leads.

Final Words:

I can say Digital media Marketing is much effective than we are thinking, it’s not same as Traditional marketing, because apart from the Drastic increase in the ROI by using Digital media Marketing.

A Marketer can also get added values for the company using Digital Media Marketing

By using this inbound marketing, we will be more visible to the prospective customers and thus increases the awareness about the company.Creating and sharing the content will also be useful in creating awareness about the company. Who you are? Inbound marketing is a two-way channel communication, so you can build credibility and trust among the customers.

Using Digital Sources you can find new customers by social reference. As a company, the important things to build a brand is recognition, Trust. So, invariably Companies are creating a Brand by using this Inbound Marketing.

So, Digital media Marketing is much effective than we are thinking.

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