Can Your Business Make Most Out From POKÉMON Go?

Pokémon GO is already been on the top 5 list of innovative ideas for the year 2016. It didn’t happen all on a sudden, years of hard work and strategic planning lies behind the booming success of the game. It is a concatenation of online and offline gaming experience offering the sensation of augmented reality (AR) to an Android and IOS user. Though not officially available in all countries, US alone reported a booming 5.6% download in the very first week of release and beta versions are downloaded all around the world without rest. The statistics are definitely in favor of the game and the developers Niantic already had a big part of fortune. But that’s not all of it!

How Pokémon Go happened to be a Business Tool.

Well, the game was developed after a whopping 20 years of hard work. The developers consulted all the faces of gaming ecstasy and business promotion to fine tune them for the present day market. The unexpected success bang turned many marketers and advertisers towards Pokémon GO. Basically, the business strategies rely on the notion that Pokémon stops and gyms shall be their hubs of interest such that a game map would lure customers in. Well, this idea did skyrocket among local businesses, mainly restaurants, cafes, shopping malls etc. requested a Pokémon gym or stop at their respective spots in order to elevate the business.

There is a device called Lure module which will officially register a Pokémon stop or gym at a point of implant. In the US some companies used this strategy for brand and business promotion. The goodwill of the nostalgic Pokémon cartoon unquestionably did facilitate the success of the game. Many advertisers leave a pocket for channeling their promotion through the game in order to get an extended reach.

An Enlightenment for Digital Marketing

Pokémon GO showed how an agnostic approach would revolutionize the digital marketing. The company’s success was leveraged by many factors but a few of them are manifested. Niantic did a keen market study to understand the hidden potential buried within the depth of human mind. They simply gave a kick on the nostalgic center of brain combining some AR to propel towards success. The idea was groundbreaking due to the incorporation of hitherto augmented reality concept, giving a new color to the idea within the limits of device we use. But the carrier they chose to sail their innovation boat was in fact the real reason behind the triumph. The game already had a considerable amount of reminiscence to the late 90’s people, whereas the AR did the magic for the newer generation to find the spellbinding affection towards the game.

The game is ‘explore & proceed’ in strategy so the verbal recommendation takes place among the users, which is in fact more influential than any other mode. The game packs in a non-ending scope for enthusiasts which holds the gaming nerve of users, whereas business shall use this opportunity to devise a potential marketing tactics to enhance the growth.

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