Are You Marketing Most Out Of Digital Marketing, Like Never Before

Entrepreneurs are making most out of Digital Marketing "Like Never Before",

Are You? If Not Try It!

Entrepreneurs-Now that’s a wide term to begin with. To narrow it down a bit let’s put an age bracket to it, and say “young entrepreneurs”. Which again, brings our number down to a decently smaller group which on closer look indicates that most of them fall in what we would call the ‘digital natives’ and usually utilize the digital outreach to the utmost, and not only that it cuts out the Goliaths from the list and we are left with just the Davids- the newer businesses.

So, digital marketing is being used by the digital entrepreneurs like never before, through their active presence in the social media and cleverly using the slight ‘push’ in different forms.

If done right, digital media gives you endless possibilities and if you are yet to try it out, then try it now!

For those who are curious/keen to lean what and where to start from, here’s what any digital entrepreneur would say- Just Do It!

Sounds like a Nike slogan, won’t deny that. But, that is the quintessence of digital marketing. However, that doesn’t mean blindly jumping into the game without any aim or strategy. On the contrary digital marketing involves a great deal of planning, and in today’s world where multitudes are using various outlets for leaving an impression in the digital space, the significance of channelizing it right is like never before.

So what have these entrepreneurs planned and strategized so well that helped them succeed?

For starters a website- a digital identity? Yes, that’s the humble beginning, but the important aspect here is: when it comes to websites- Don’t just create something to see, create an experience and optimised for mobile viewership too. Observe carefully and the breadcrumbs are right there, an app-a-day! Ring a bell?

With that sorted, you now have something to brag about a good idea plus a website that lists it out. What next? Heard of social media, there’s no doubt that you have. So exploit it, plunder it, and loot it, the power at your fingertips. Portals like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn are powerful platforms to make your presence felt. Adding to this are the various modes of digital advertising, some even linked with the social media itself.

Which brings us to the next step- make your presence felt- use that vast internet space and paint your name all over it, and how? Heard of advertising, haven’t you? Google’s Adwords is one of the biggest platform out there giving your venture the chance to pop up alongside popular keyword searches- of course based on the nature of business. Double Click by Google is a closer to home solution, where you can use the user’s search patterns to determine where to take them next on your website. And to make it even more convenient there are tools like Taboola and Outbrain that mostly work at content recommendation, place your sponsored links in, or near, content on Web publishers’ sites, which can lead the readers to your websites.

It’s not all. Digital marketing can give you wings- so have a business to build then talk about it, write about it-. How? Create a blog, post blogs about the products/services you offer, share useful information, trends, market sightings, anything that your clients or customers may be looking for, and shout about it on social media too.

With all this going on its important not to tire yourself and so automate some. As put in Regalix’s ‘The State of Marketing Automation’ (2014), “the top four features of a Marketing Automation used are email marketing (89%), lead nurturing (84%), integrations such as CRM, mobile, social etc. for accumulating customer intelligence across channels (80%), and cross-channel campaign management.”

And here comes the most important part- be hawk-eyed. Yes, for whatever activities you do tracking and analyzing the results in terms of clicks, bounces, leads, conversions etc. is a must. Now that’s a large amount of data, however you are lucky as there are powerful tools including Google Analytics and Omniture SiteCatalyst, that when used properly give you information about the usage pattern of the website, how users get to your site, the preferred devices for doing so, what language their browser is setup for and so on.

But as they say, an entrepreneur is not made in a day, and if you are looking towards being successful as those who have started ahead of you, then keep your eyes and ears open. So have you used digital marketing lately? If not try it.

It’s a treasure waiting to be explored, giving you the power to grow like never before.

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