A Tribute To Decades Old Freedom Struggle, To Make Digital India!

Relics of fervid past & a story of perseverance pillared in the backbone of a billion- the story of a country written in the blood and diligence of thousands, ‘the great Indian Independence’. Today when the history is turning 70 years old, even the feeble memory of the prestigious history is a rhyme of 90 years old struggle. But the country has moved farther apart from those days, now India is the land of hope, human resource, and intelligence. When technological progression is one plate of food, cultural heritage, and agriculture serves another. Though the country is facing challenges in growth, that doesn't pull her back from waving the digital flag. As to any technological challenges, we had a proper answer by burning brain, not money.

The call of digital era

Growth wasn’t all on a sudden. But once it reached the land, the brilliant minds exploited the juice out of it, channeling the nation to a digital era. Today, India is one among the top e-markets in the world pumping billions worth revenue out of it. If the ideas can run along technology then why couldn’t the marketing strategies be? This thought led the creative minds in our land to forge a better marketing strategy, which could tag along with the growth of technology. Social Media happened to be a part of life since the past decade, till then advertising and marketing had found a better track to run the ideas to a much better success scenario. Once, the word digitization had a meaning only among technologists in our country, but today the governments are laying the electronic pools to give a digital bath to young talents, villagers, and others . These changes not only enhanced the quality of life but improved the thoughts of a layman too.

How is digital India a blessing to marketers?

In the black and white era, imparting an information took ages. Advertising was done through posters, newspapers, flyers etc. But today all these things would fit on your mobile screen! That’s what the stunning display of digitization. The cost of advertisement is reducing day by day, due to the replacement of material requirements. All you need is an idea and a techy geek. It’s done! The opportunities are unending, and day by day new technologies are being inserted into the digital world. In a country like India, the influences impelled by the digital sources like mobile, social media, Whats-app etc. are humongous such that the marketers needn’t have to construct a new platform to serve the ad’s, instead just make use of the existing!

Each digital technology introduced must contribute resourcefulness to a person or a group of individuals. If so, such technology always finds users and as the number of so-called users increases it’s an easy shot for marketers. Since the distance between an advertiser and the emotional brain of a person vastly dwindled with the digitization, giving a soft pat to shower the contents of your advertisement is easy never than before. ‘Being relevant but the latest’ is the tip for 70th independence day marketing strategy!

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