A Blink Of An Eye, For Customers To Form An Opinion

The first impression ain’t transpired to be the best instead, it is a multi-part action that hinges on a conspicuous feature of an object, which happens in a millionth of a second. Just imagine you saw a super car, the fact that strikes your mind to escalate your goosebumps factory would be the ‘blink of an eye’ look of the wheels which is fast-tracked by the adrenalin pumping exhaust sound. No matter what whether the car turned wheels of success or not, but the first bell for triumph lies on that factor that made you look agape at it. This one-shot impression trick comes much handier for several things like an advertisement, a website showcasing, smartphones, and you name it!

The science of ads found that it takes about 0.05 ~ 0.10 seconds for a person to develop the first thought about a product, say for instance a website. In the digital marketing, this strategy can be adopted to polish the visualization of the advertised in order to drop the jaw of the viewer. From the stand of science, it is more like a piece of cake to shoot a piece of “Never like before” feeling into the viewer. This very first factor should be well handled which will decide the second life of advertised or website being visited. There are certain tips and tricks which will give an upper hand to the constructor or designer to catch some eyes.

The shield of Achilles’s

Let us run down the list of factors that can change the perception of the user opinion in their first impression.

  • According to google's study, they confirmed the 50 ms factor of opinion and even optimised a 17 ms frame which can bag a positive opinion upon making the visual field less complex but highly precedential.

  • The eye hook: This is most probably a feature showcased on the website either the company logo, slogan, HD picture which blends perfectly on the home page hue, menu tabs & credit session. An average user might hook into any of the mentioned features of the website, so it is as simple as garnishing those in order to get some hand accolades. Six seconds are available to give a perfect shot to thumbs up opinion.

  • The curtain raiser feature should be the overall design. A study with British analysers found that 94% of people throw the first opinion upon the impression they grab taking in account the design features. Some legends on menu navigation, proper color mix, legato of design, visibility of matter, search response etc. Everyone is looking for a never like before design feature to escape from the boring, repeated design templates.

  • Page ranking would be another killer feature that might indirectly throw in scope for a positive user opinion. Most people would expect the page to be ranked in the golden triangle of the search engine, which constitutes mostly the top 3-4 results. Higher the better and being first would shoot the probability for a good user opinion to a relatively safe ground.

Being great is never a choice instead, it is the extent of understanding that one can acquire over experience and better learning of the trend with the aid of studies to design the best out of scratch!

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