8 Tips to Make Your Print Ad More Appealing

Advertisements are simply infomercials to educate the readers about a new product or service, thereby promoting the brand-This definition is a century old tactics defining an advertisement. But in the present scenario, advertisements are made with an intention to diffuse deep into the hearts of readers, such that they should have a considerable impact on a person while choosing between rival brands. Therefore, an advertisement should exploit a customer from physiological angle, which in turn could be that key factor to glue the objective of an ad. Let us run down 8 tips to snatch the compel nerve of a customer.

  1. Pat the emotional center: The customer should be enlighten from an emotional perspective on how the product or service benefits them either personally or socially. From a personal viewpoint, one could fine tune the emotions like happiness, safety, security, ambition, comfort, family etc. to grab a customer. Whereas to embrace from social perception, emotions like status, appreciation, acceptance, respect, care etc. shall be focused.

  2. Give them a mild fear shock: A warning or a caution message, a reminder of health or wealth, a shocking statistics, the aftermath of present lifestyle etc. are some tactics that help an advertisement snatch the reader’s attention. Researchers point that a restrained poke to fear center might help the advertisement grab some attention.

  3. Make it funny: It is one of the most common tactical theme an advertisement use. Playing with the humor appeal helps the ad capture enough attention, such that this approach scores very high on recall test. But make sure that ‘intention dart’ is directly related to the customer, else it goes a time pass.

  4. Go the Adam & Eve way: Studies testify that nudity and sex do grab a significant readership and business, thereby. Most readers, especially adults rate it as interesting, and the ad leaves a strong impression on the readers. However, brand recall rate is comparably lower and it often impedes the content delivery.

  5. Let Celebrities take care: Using a relevant celebrity model would fuel the tactics much better. But the point is that the model should be socially accepted, reputed and rare. The model should pose a unique appeal such that the tableau of infomercial should entice the customer’s heart.

  6. An artistic salad: If the advertisement is a perfect blend of creativity, visual superiority, and word adeptness, there stays a high chance that it pulls the success curve up. But a stringent harmony should be there between all departments of commercial.

  7. The old school: The best choice for a print media is the rational approach. Here the emphasis is given to operational, functional and application benefits with the product or service to the customer. The operational necessity to the customer would grab enough attention to lure the customer towards the product.

  8. Luxury at a glance: A reader’s eye always get stuck with the premium features on a print media. In order to work this out, the print ad should be adequately large with a premium texture and background such that no awkwardness should be imparted either with the message comprehension or with design features.

The thirst of creativity and brain work is left with extra mileage. More tactics can be worked out in the light of above findings.

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