6 Branding Opportunities to Enrich Your Sales…!

Potential Customer or Customer comes in contact with your brand (before, during or after the purchase) in variety of ways, check out how to make the most out of the following touchpoints throughout the buying process.

Well, marketers always think of touch-point opportunities to grab them as much as possible. These touch point opportunities are nothing but influential action initiated by a communication, a human contact or a physical or sensory interaction, these interactions takes places before, during, or after they purchase something from you. Each touch point is a message that literally touches a customer in some way. Collectively these touch-points create the customer’s experience and turns your customers in to loyal customers.

As you define your brand value and the impact of your various touch-points during the buying process, just try to ask yourself these questions?

What value am I providing to my audience through my product or service?

What unique selling point (USP) that makes my brand apart from the competition?

How customers should pursue my brand?

Collectively, responses of all these questions gives the answer to what your brand is promising your customers. So, after deciding on the promise you are going to deliver to your customers, implement your own solid strategies at each of your touchpoint opportunities and then measure the impact of these at regular intervals. To start with the following are the six common touchpoint opportunities every brand will experience over the customers buying cycle.

1. Tone of Voice (Communication):

Tone of voice is simply the personality o, f your brand as expressed through the communication messages to our targeted audience. The tone of voice should be applied to all the ad copies which includes your Social Media Posts, Digital Ad Copies, Print Copies, Advertising Copies, Website Content and Emails to the customers. Well there is no certain way to design and choose your tone of voice, there is no right or wrong choice to take, it’s just need to be inclined with your brand promise. It’s don’t need to be like being something, it’s about creating your own tone of voice which represents your brand “personality”.

2. Visual Appealing

“A image is worth a thousand words", Visual content can change the way your brand is perceived by your customer. You have to create a visual appeal which will give your customers a great idea on your brand message, so always you need to be clear and cohesive on your branding collateral's that you share on public forms. The Font, Color, Style, Theme and your concept will always play a vital role in creating an impact to your customers. So keep in mind the tone of voice you are going to use and then decide on your font, color, style, theme etc.

3. Packaging Designs

Well, you don’t need a funky or modern style packaging design to impress your customer, you just have to reflect your brand image over your packaging style. Just have a printed packaging design with a puzzle to play on continued by your brand logo, name and tagline. Followed by your brands contact details. You are just interacting your customers for a few minutes with your brand to solve the puzzle. Going Eco Friendly and recycle packaging material reflects your brand concern on environmental issues.

4. Social Media Marketing

With over 2000 Million Active uses in social media any brand (be it small or big brands) can’t miss out reaching their customers on social media space. The best way to integrate and engage your prospects and customers. The Quality of content you share over social media have a big impact on how potential customers perceive your brands. It is not just used to promote your brand it is more used as an interactive point where you can nurture the prospect customer.

5. External Advertising

Using different mediums by which brands make their target audiences aware of their products and services. Using this mass communication, you can interact with your customers/prospect customers to promote a brand and its values rather than singling out a specific item.

6. Customer Service

Customer service is one among the most important touch-point where your brand meets customers personally, it is the act of taking care of the customer's needs by providing and delivering Fast, responsive, professional, helpful, patience, high quality service and assistance which will leave a lasting impression that will drive your Prospect Customer or Customer to a sale or repeat sale.

Are there any additional touch-points that you focus on to convey your brand promise to customers? Share your ideas in the comments.


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