5 Mediums Marketers Are Using Neuromarketing Techniques

Neuromarketing is being used today by marketers in many research areas. Let’s us discuss how it’s being used, what results are being achieved and how it’s likely to be used in the future, in six key marketing areas.

Advertising: Advertising research is an active area for neuromarketing. How Advertising works and what makes one advertisements more successful than another have always been a bit of a mystery. Neuromarketing offers new tools and techniques that illuminate, if not completely solve, this mystery. In particular, brain science leads us to the intriguing idea that ads may work best when they aren’t paid attention to, and that the repetition of positive emotional connections, rather than persuasive messaging, may be more effective at reinforcing brands and boosting sales.

Branding: Understand brands and branding is an area where neuromarketing is a perfect fit. Brands are basically ideas in the mind and they draw their strength by making connections with other ideas in the mind. A Great brand is one that triggers deep associations with related ideas that keeps your brand on top of the customer’s mind. We can also measure brand effects that consumers may not even know exist using this neuromarketing techniques.

Product Designing: Product Innovation and Package Design are two research areas in which neuromarketing is playing significant role. Because marketers have a hard time predicting what customers will like or do in future, neuromarketing provides alternative ways to observe whether a new idea is resonating positively with customers are not.

Instore Marketing: Instore marketing is a research area where neuromarketing has much to offer. Shoppers expend surprisingly little conscious throughout their shopping They pick up a huge number of designs, brands, quality and other sensory cues as they navigate their shopping journey. So, situational/emotional factors are highly influential in determining final shopping outcomes. Well Neuromarketing can be used to test shopper’s reactions in both real and simulated shopping environments.

Online Marketing: Online marketing is another research area where neuromarketing has much more to offer. In the online world, Advertising and buying can exist right next to each other, with no need for consumers to delay in purchase. As a result, the activation, pursuit and attainment of customer goals are much more immediate and dynamic in online shopping. So, using Neuromarketing we can know how human brain has adapted to online experience.

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