5 Essential Tips For B2B Marketing Success In Digital Era

It’s a “RACE” Standout In Crowd or Stand out In Competition

Strategy, Your First Success: Developing a tailor made strategies should be your first priority, that gives your brand competitive advantage. So let’s look into what kind of strategy should we draft.

  • Know Your Audience, Know the Cluster: We can see a rapid leap in technology/resources, it is becoming more and more easy to Keenly define various clusters of segmented customers. We recommend brands to use tools like “netnography” that helps them go afar to know your cluster.

  • Know your Impact: Develop a SWOT Analysis of your own marketing campaigns which will help you to analyze your marketing strengths/weakness and Opportunities as well.

  • Know your Customer’s Journey: Develop a buyer’s persona using Sales Funnels and Customer “LTV” Models.

  • Know your Plan: Develop a strategic digital marketing plan using frameworks like “RACE”, 5P’s Models.

Your Digital Kingdom (Website & Landing Pages): Developing a website or landing page which is relevant, yet professionally creatively designed (People are now ready to stay on a boring site’s).

  • Involve your Audience: Review Intent – Satisfaction of your audience with feedback tools like Usersnap or Kampyle.

  • Involve Buyer’s Persona: Optimize your website or Landing pages more relevant to your buyer’s persona.

  • What’s your story? Show how you can help customers. Customers respond to relevant information. If you haven't already, begin telling your story in various formats.

  • Tracking your audience: Setup Google Analytics Goals, Funnels and Event Tracking.

Search Marketing, still a Mystery for B2B: Search Volumes are low in B2B Industry, 30% of B2B Marketers are spending NO Time on SEO and 55% are spending NO Time on Pay Per Click. but ignoring search marketing is not the solution, optimizing your strategies can help you target exactly and get the expected output. Don’t Miss out the potential of Search Marketing for B2B.

  • Proper Targeted Keyword phrases should be your first priority

  • Optimize your campaign using data analysis. Manager your Campaign bids considering different parameters (like CTR, Device Preference, Geographic Targeting etc.)

  • Us PR’s and outreach to increase your quality back-link

  • Multi-Platform Targeting should be an added advantage

Social Presence – Solution for Business Growth: 24% of the top Business-to-Business (B2B) brands are still behind the social media curve. Do you know 57% of Inbound Marketers have obtained leads from LinkedIn, 52% from Facebook and 44% from Twitter. So, Don’t think social media is not the right platform just understand your business and your audience to make most out of social media.

  • Create & Curate, informative, interesting, useful and shareable content

  • Interact and engage your audience using the best social platform that works for your brand

  • Neuromarketing: Engage your audience emotionally

  • Target to reach out the right influences.

Nurturing Your Audience: Only 27% of B2B leads are sales ready. So Lead Nurturing plays crucial role in B2B Marketing. Make it easy for your audience to engage and interact.

  • Create Informative, Creative and Interesting Content in the form of Newsletters, White Papers, Thought Leadership Articles etc.

  • Create Business cases and blogs as a content hub

  • Follow your audience and their behavior to know their interests and create your nurturing content to attract and educate your audience

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