3 Key Elements To Check When Writing Copy For Advertising

When you are writing copy for ads, you always have to check these three very different aspects of ad writing, which, when combined, produce a highly effective message. Just Master these techniques and create ads that really sell!

It doesn’t matter which element you address when, you can write out a first draft and then go back and insert the missing aspects, or you can craft your copy piece by piece and then put it all together at the end. So, let us quickly run through the 3 Key Elements of Ad Copy Writing.

1. Psychology: Advertising wouldn’t be advertising without psychology. How else would you persuade or convince people that your product is outstanding in its category? What other way is there to go about creating a need for what you sell.

Persuasion relies on emotional appeal, and emotions are driven by our psychological make-up. A long time ago, someone thought up the AIDA method, which is good enough to serve everyone’s purpose in explaining the psychology of advertising. It’s really very simple. A.I.D.A. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

2. Creativity: Creativity is what will give your ad presentation more perfectly and attractively. Your copy with extra sparkle makes it interesting to read. Just think out of box and write the ad copies, and remember there are no rules for advertising. Just Think of those incredible powerful Nike Ads: Just Do It. Tell your audience something in a way that they won’t forget, and use a dramatic visual to cement your message into their brains.

3. Logical: Being Creativity is not about being logic less, make a sense of relevancy to convince the audience about a product. Infuse creativity into your written message, write in a clever and/or amusing way, and make your ad stand out from the crowd. Use a tone that’s appropriate to your audience. Choose words that belong to that particular genre.

No matter how you approach the creative process, the most powerful ads required the above key elements. Again, you can implement them in any order. When you’re ready to bring it all together, take a good, hard look at your finished draft. Go through it with a fine-tooth combo, that’s when you can create ads that really sell!

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