12 Tips For Creating An Awesome TV Commercials That Sell

People who register a change in brand preference after seeing a commercial subsequently buy the product three times more than people who don’t.

I will start by telling you about twelve tips for creating an awesome TV Commercials that has the able to change people’s brand preference.

Repeating the Brand Name: Research has demonstrated that a shocking percentage of viewers remember your commercial, but forget the name of your product/brand. All too often they attribute your commercial to a competing brand. So, Using the name within the first ten seconds and using the name as many times as possible without irritating audience.

Show The Package: Commercials which end by showing the package are more effective in changing brand preference that commercials which don’t.

Food In Motion: In Commercials for food, the more delicious you make it look, the more you sell. It has been found that food in motion looks particularly more delicious that a motionless food shown. For Example: Show hot smoking grilled chicken or Chocolate sauce in the act of being poured over your ice cream which will look mouthwatering to the audience.

Close-ups: It is a good thing to use close-ups when your product is the hero of your commercial. The closer you get on the candy bar, the more you make audience appetizing.

Open with a Bang: You only have 30 seconds. If you grab attention in the first frame with a visual surprise, you stand a better chance of holding the viewer. Audience Screen out a lot of commercials because they open with something dull, you know that great things are about to happen, but the viewers don’t.

When you have nothing to say, sing it: There have been some successful commercials which sang the sales pitch, but jingles are below average in changing brand preference.

Sound Effects: While music does not add to the selling power of commercials, sound effects such as sausages sizzling in a frying pan can make a positive difference. A commercial for Maxwell house was constructed around the sound of coffee percolating. It worked well enough to run for five years.

Voice Over or On Camera?: Research shows that it is more difficult to hold your audience if you use voice over. It is better to have the actors talk on camera. For Example, a manufacturer made two commercials, identical in every aspect except that one used voice over and the other used on camera voice. When they tested them, the voice on camera version have given them better results.

Avoid Visual Banality: If you want the viewer to pay attention to your commercial, show them something that they have never seen before. You won’t have much success if you show the routine stuff to the audience.

Mnemonics: This Unpronounceable word is used to describe a visual device repeated over a long time. It can increase brand identification and remind people of your brand promise. Example, the car driving through the paper barrier in shell commercials.

Show the product in use: It really appealing to show the product being used, and if possible the end-result of using it. Example, show how your diapers keep the baby dry and comfortable. And in a commercial for motor oil, show how the pistons look after 20 to 50 thousand miles.

Making it Clear: If you want to avoid your television commercial being misunderstood, you had better make them crystal clear. Many of us can’t understand more than half the commercials we see daily.

Everything is possible on TV, the Technicians can produce anything you want. The only limit is your imagination.

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